R.I.P. WMP (We are done....kinda....for now...)
Wreck My...Podcast

R.I.P. WMP (We are done....kinda....for now...)

R.I.P. WMP (We are done....kinda....for now...)

Ep 172: Van Hellsing (Wreck My Halloween)

Bringing Clown Shoes Back (Around A Round Table Episode 86)

Ep 171: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (Wreck My Childhood)


Why You Should Get Wrecked!

Because sometimes things as magical as nostalgia deserve to be put in their place


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Wreck My...Podcast

The flagship show where the idea for Wreck My Podcast was created. Every other Wednesday, we drop a new themed episode, which will be named accordingly. Some weeks, we try to wreck your childhood, while other times we may try and wreck your music. Whatever we do, we take perception and challenge it with the hopes of either supporting or wrecking an opinion. In laymen's terms, we decide on a nostalgic or pop culture topic we want to discuss and then talk about it. We've covered topics such as Dr. Who, Star Wars, Firefly, 90's kids shows, and even conspiracy theories!

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Around A Round Table

Since Wreck My Podcast episodes can be a bit niche at times, we decided to create a segment show that is a little bit more approachable. From would you rather questions, to exciting news, to trivia, we have segments that are full of fun and can sometimes be educational. Come join us at the table, and listen along as we talk about nothing and every thing!

Wreck My Tastebuds

Who doesn't love to eat? Well, we decided that we were going to take our love for food and make it a nightmare. Every other Saturday, we release a short episode where we put something in our mouths that we normally might not. Sometimes we are pleasantly surprised, while other times we wish that we didn't have a podcast episode that requires us to eat weird things.

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